Helios Prime

A capitalization-weighted index holdings venture that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets and Synthetic commodities.


Dilution Proof

Each token minted into each index is holding all underlining assets - If supply grows so does the Market Cap or Total Value.

Economical & Systematic

One purchase takes care of a plethora of transactions it would have taken to purchase those assets seperately.

Broad Folder

Correlating in ways that benefit the index but still recognizes the assets' individual objectives which gives us the right balance of diversity needed.

What we do

Helios Prime enables everyday investors the opportunity to invest in an index fund, which tracks the performance of a wide range of projects helping to diversify risk.
We actively monitor Defi digital assets & synthetic commodities.

Our Objective:
We aim to focus on fundamentals. Backing projects with a long-term vision and solid tokenomics. Yet, still adaptive to changing market conditions. We are focused on tracking benchmark performance and delivering results our clients will come to expect.

Token Inclusion Criteria

The Helios Prime Standards

Token’s Descriptive Characteristics

  • The token must be available on our operating blockchains- Wrapped, Synthetic, or otherwise.
  • Examples of Tokens of inclusion but not limited to:
  • Wrapped tokens.
  • Tokenized derivatives.
  • Synthetic assets.
  • Tokens that are tied to physical assets.
  • Tokens that represent claims on other tokens.

    Token’s Supply Characteristics

    • It must be possible to reasonably predict the token’s supply over the next five years.
    • At least 7.5% of the five year supply must be currently circulating.
    • Token must have reasonable and consistent DeFi liquidity on our operating blockchains.
    • The token’s economics must not have patterns that would significantly disadvantage passive holders.

      Project’s Traction Characteristics

      • The project must be widely considered to be building a useful protocol or product.
      • Projects focused on competitive trading/holding, having Ponzi characteristics, or projects that exist primarily for entertainment, will not be included.
      • The project’s protocol must have significant usage or projected significant utility.
      • The protocol or product must go through our additional current rigorous in-house determination standards that give final weight for consideration.
      • In the event of a sudden planned token migration-rebalancing may occur earlier than expected.

        Protocol’s User Safety Characteristics

        • Security professionals must have reviewed the protocol to determine that security best practices have been followed to maintain user assets safe under different circumstances.
        • Alternatively, the protocol must have been operating long enough to create a consensus about its safety in the decentralized finance community.
        • In the event of a safety incident, the team must have responded promptly and addressed the incident responsibly in the aftermath, providing users of the protocol with a reliable solution and the decentralized finance community with adequate documentation to provide transparency about the incident.
        • The selected tokens must have sufficient liquidity across a variety of trading platforms.

          Index Maintenance

          The indexes under go a monthly thorough examination phase to determine if rebalancing is necessary.

          Determination Phase

          • Once an index is deemed out of target range-Rebalance phase is initiated.

          • Additions and deletions: If any rebalancing takes place where a new token will be introduced into any of our indexes-announcements will be made up to (1) week prior to execution.
          • Circulating Supply Determination: Circulating supply of any of our indexes will be updated monthly on our site and on social media accounts with links to block explorers where available.

            Reconstitution Phase

            • Rebalancing will take place (1) week after determination phase.
            • A random time will be chosen during that timeframe to execute any rebalancing transactions.

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